On-Farm Slaughter

    Many of our customers are accustomed to doing their own slaughtering and butchering.  We are pleased to be able to provide them with the opportunity to do so on our farm.  

On-farm slaughter is done on an appointment only basis.  To
schedule a slaughter time, please call us at one of these two numbers: 208-883-5548 or 208-596-1232.  We are currently taking reservations for September lamb.  Deposit fees are $50.00 per lamb to hold a lamb of your choice until September 15th.  For 2016 we are charging $2.75 per pound, liveweight, for intact ram lambs.  These lambs are in excellent condition and have not been castrated or taildocked.     

    When you come to our farm, we will have the lambs ready for you.   Prior to slaughter, we will help you weigh the lambs and calculate their price.  Please know that, in order to comply with laws and regulations, we are not able to help you slaughter or butcher.  As such, you will need to provide your own knives and other equipment.  We provide soap and water and a place where you can do the slaughter and butchering.
We ask that you place the animal waste  (offal, hide, head or anything other else you do not want) in one of the bags we provide.  We will haul this to the dump for you.  If there is something more we can do for you to make your visit to our farm more comfortable, please let us know. We are constantly trying to update and improve our practices.

Our farm is located just a few miles east of Moscow at 1060 Wallen Road.  Here are the directions:
    - Head east from Moscow on the Troy highway.  You'll go past Safeway and
      the cemetary.
    - Turn left on Mill Rd.....That's less than a minute after the speed limit goes up
      to 55 mph, right before the golf course.  Mill Road will wind a bit for a mile or so.
    - Turn right onto Robinson Park Road.
    - After a mile or so, the road comes to a Y with several grain bins in the cleft of the Y.
    - Turn right onto Wallen Rd.  We're 0.8 of a mile down Wallen Rd.
    - Our house is on the left.  It is tan with white trim.
      If you see sheep, you're at the right place!